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Calochortus catalinae is rare, endangered by real estate development, and not widely cultivated. Hence, there is surprisingly little information about it on the web.

(For heaven's sake, do NOT, in the interests of increasing cultivation, dig up wild bulbs. That's one good way to drive plants to extinction.)

The Calochortus Society has a small newsletter (US$15 per year) that appears quarterly and can be obtained from:

Mariposa, c/o Robinett, P.O. Box 1993, Brookings, OR 97415-0052, USA., Far West Bulb Farm is one of the few places that grows bulbs and sells them, in season (Sept 1 - Nov 1). They sound like good, environmentally sensitive growers, who have "a hobby that is out of control" as it says on their site. The CalFlora site is very good generally for the California flora, although there is not much information of Catalina mariposas specifically. A few paragraphs from the San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club on the distribution of C. catalinae and a discussion of how endangered it is.   A huge database of scientific botanical information for every plant in the US, managed by the USDA, specifically by the Agricultural Research Services - Germplasm Resources Information Network. Includes nomenclature, citations, distribution, and the like. (The distribution information for a species as limited as C. catalinae is a bit disappointing, since it simply shows the state of California. However, a bit more digging on the site might turn up something more specific.)



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