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Calochortus catalina fl1sm Calochortus catalina fl_detailsm Calochortus catalina fruit1sm Calochortus catalinae bud4sm Calochortus catalinae fl10sm Calochortus catalinae fl11flysm Calochortus catalinae fl13beesm Calochortus catalinae fl18sm Calochortus catalinae fl23sm Calochortus catalinae fl7beessm Calochortus catalinae pl7_bestsm Calochortus clavatus fl37sm Calochortus clavatus fl38sm Calochortus plummerae bud1sm Calochortus plummerae fl11sm Calochortus plummerae fl12sm Calochortus plummerae fl19sm Calochortus plummerae fl4sm Calochortus plummerae fl5sm Calochortus plummerae habit1sm Calochortus clavatus fl8 Calochortus clavatus fls1 Calochortus clavatus plants1

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