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Mia's background

I started out in the US as a registered alien because I arrived in a ship and spoke Russian at home. Now I often pass for a local, but I get excited about any aliens, even mere bacteria from Mars. Wondering about walking, talking aliens is even more fun, so I can generally be found in a world of my own.

Take a look around my Flickr site of places, plants, critters, and travels:


Mia in 2003




I check my email periodically and enjoy hearing from real people. Write to me at quoll at molvray dot com. Spam of any kind, on the other hand, I dislike so much I can't tell you, even though I'm trying to be a writer and we're supposed to know how to express ourselves.

Links for writers

Speaking of writing, there's free advice on everything from the craft of writing, to correct formats when submitting manuscripts, to how to pester agents and/or publishers. Science Fiction Writers of America has a useful and comprehensive set of links on those topics.

      Online writers' groups are an easy way to get the benefits of criticism, although arrangements that allow many anonymous people to troll through the posted works-in-progress can be problematic.  I have vague plans of starting a small online writers' group myself (less than 12 people or so).  If you think you might be interested, please contact me.


2006:  I'll be visiting Penguicon April 21-23 in (of all places) Livonia, Michigan.  This is a get-together for penguins who are also into science fiction.  No, seriously.  Penguin being code, ahem, for Linux and open source users.

2006: WorldCon is in Los Angeles.  23-27 August. It's in my backyard, mere hours away by Improbability Drive.  Barring eddies in the space-time continuum, I'll be there.

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